No news yet

I was hoping to let you know some good news, but as of 4pm Friday, there’s still nothing yet.

I had a whole different story planned for this week, but maybe we’ll still hear better news ...
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And Still We Wait

It was really nice to be watching live golf again, but the match just never really did much for me, in fact my eyes only lasted until the halfway point before they went into lockdown, despite my ... See more

It's All in the Finish

There’s a certain wonderful feeling when mowing grass that is hard to explain, but very rewarding in the process.

Those of you who have had to cut your lawn during this lockdown, or at any ...
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Good News And Bad News

The golf course is so pure, you won’t believe it!

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell how good the weather’s been of late.

And we’re missing all of it!

This time of the year, ...
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