Kappy's Golf Deals

A soft and warm half-zip inner fleece for R900.
A warm and soft fleece unit that allows you to still swing freely.
A warm full-zip jacket with a soft inner fleece.
A full-sip softshell both waterproof and wind resistant for the winter chill, at R900.

FootJoy therma snood

A ultra warm neck-warmer that turns into a beanie at the tug of a cord.
Keep your hands warm in between shots on the course.
The best beanies for maintaining warmth for your head and ears.
Classic beanies with fleece on the inside and wool on the outside.
A neck warmer to beat out the early morning winter chill.
Keep your hands warm between shots on those cold winter mornings.
If you're into carrying your own bag, here's the smallest lightest option around with a double-strap and some pockets for a little extra space.
Srixon's locker bag for your golf shoes and gear.
A lightweight yet solid locker bag with enough space for all your after-round clothes.
A lightweight carry bag with all the compartments and space necessary at R3500.
A 14-divider stand bag that has space galore and a strong build, all for R3400.
Ball marker mould and 2 sharpies.
Do you practice a lot?
These gloves are hard wearing and long lasting.
One of the most popular balls around, with the best balance between feel and performance.
Great value for money @ R100/sleeve.
Srixon's top of the range offering: distance, feel and spin.
XV for those that crush it!
Durable synthetic leather for longer lasting performance.
The thinnest glove around, for the best feel around, at R360.
One of the finest - and softest - cabretta leather gloves around @ R330.
A Tour-quality urethane cover for spin & feel, but a fast core for distance.
This is one helluva all-rounder, at an even better price.
Yellow also available.
Shallow dimples give this premium Titleist the lowest flight and lowest spin, and it'll be longer off your irons.
Yellow also available.
The largest core in a Titleist ball ever, so it's fast, and it's soft.
Lower compression is better suited to more golfers.
White & yellow available.
Designed specifically for cart use, with all the pockets facing back, and 14 separate dividers for your clubs.
A great way to get juniors into the game, in 3 different sizes.
Small (ages 4-6) R2200
Medium (7-9) R3000
Large (10-12) R330
Something different from FJ in this classy print golf shirt.
A classic and elegant cap from Under Armour.
Only R400.
Also in black.
Another great shirt offering from FJ, also at R1350.
Smart and elegant FJ shirts at R1350.
The softest balls around, so better compression for most of us, which will give distance, feel and spin.
R95 per sleeve.
A back pack for every day use, now at R950.
The original and the softest insert Odyssey putters.
Normally R1500, now at R1300.
Cushioned heel for max comfort and stability.
Lightweight and stable, and very comfortable.
The thinnest and best feeling gloves around, at R290.
A perfect combination of leather - where you need it the most in the palm & fingers - and synthetic materials for R180.
Reversible two-toned & hard-wearing webbing belts at R400.
Beat that!
The #1 shoe in golf.
Also now with added carbon for more stability.
From R3000.
Smart, smart, smart!
And unbelievably stable and comfortable.
Wear them to work as well.
Now at R3300, down from R3695.
The most versatile and hard-wearing glove in golf at R150.
Also available in black.
One of the best value for money Cabretta leather gloves on the market at R230.
The softest feel in a Tour-quality ball.
Also available in the higher compression Chrome Soft X.
R155 per sleeve.
The most popular glove. Nothing beats the feel of a top-quality Cabretta glove.
Men's and Ladies, and right-hand, available at R250.
The #1 ball in golf!
Available in white and yellow.
R205 per sleeve.
The best stand bag on the market; good looking too!
Plenty of space, rain cover and double straps.
Modern fit straight-legged longs with some spandex stretch, these bottoms are one helluva fit.
R800 and available in black, navy, stone and grey.
Thick soles and more bounce generally means less chunking!
Imagine the club bumping across the turf, rather than digging in?
Different loft options at R2200 each, incl a 1/2 short game lesson.

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